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Outreach Workshop


WasteDuring the last decade human life has become deeply linked and influenced by electronics-related technologies. This brings fantastic new applications for facilitating and improving our lives but unfortunately also includes extremely bad impacts on the environment, which in-turn lead to deleterious human health and social impacts. These concerns are especially prevalent during the  end of their life cycle. Every year tons of computer boards, cell phones, casings, keyboards, tv sets and other electronic devices are disposed of. Many of these devices contain poisonous substances that are dumped in remote areas of Africa or Asia. Often children are employed to disassemble them, resulting in many negative humanitarian, labour, environmental issues associated with this "end of circuits and systems" lifecycle. Many organizations, companies and universities world-wide are undertaking efforts toward alleviating these issues. These efforts include, better utilization of resources, improvement of designs towards reuse of materials, and creating curricula for graduate studies directed to better educate a new generation of engineers aware of the above-mentioned problems and capable of bringing efficient new solutions. Our workshop will provide an overview of current problems and solutions offered in our domain of interest - circuits and systems technologies. 


The Workshop was held on Saturday, October 23, 2014.  Here are a few photos from the event: